Hello there!

Cathy IslesAs a young girl growing up, I enjoyed a fun childhood having great friends, fun adventures and many scraped knees and elbows that came along with those fun adventures. I also loved creating art and writing letters. I can remember how excited I would be when I would get an occasional postcard from a relative on vacation or my Humpty Dumpty Highlights Magazines in the mail.  I also loved to send mail and would often write letters on the stationary with matching envelopes (kittens and puppies) that I would buy at G. C. Murphy’s or Kresges.  I would write to my cousin who was in the Air Force, my grandma, and friends that had moved away. In 7th grade I got my first of many pen pals which never seemed to last but for a few letters exchanged. I will admit that I still enjoy getting mail. It brightens trips to the mailbox when all you are expecting are bills and junk mail. In today’s world when we receive so much via our computers, it is nice to have something tangible to look at.

A few years ago, I wanted to own a business, so Bridging the Universe came to be. Because of my love for greeting cards and making people feel better/be positive, I started Bridging the Universe Greeting Cards. I wanted to reach out to people both to help them convey positive messages to their friends and family and I wanted the cards to bring hope and healing thoughts to the receivers of the cards. Unfortunately, sales were very poor. It is hard to compete with the big players like Hallmark and American Greetings.

It has been a few years since the business closed.  I wrote a couple of children’s books and had a couple of great summers reading to kids and doing art projects in the classroom and at libraries. Now I want to do something different that reaches out to people and encourages participation in creating art, sending positive messages and receiving art and messages back from another. So I have this website and this 56-year-old woman wants to “bridge” to people by hosting  mail exchanges,  art card swaps, a blah blah blog and who knows what else. I hope you will join me in this adventure.

So please get a cuppa coffee or tea or whatever turns you on and visit my website and exchanges.  If you happen to like what you see and read, please let others know.  I especially want to encourage people to participate in the mail exchanges.  We are going to be doing some fun exchanges. Not just themed post cards but also file folders, decorative envelopes, ephemera exchanges and my favorite—art cards. I love creating art and I find it very therapeutic. The exchanges will bring people together, and to me that is such a positive action.   We certainly need more of that today.

Thanks for your time!!

Hugs and Smiles,

Cathy Isles